Mother of Divine Grace Church

2918 E. Thompson Street

Philadelphia, PA 19134

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                                              MDG Festival 2019

Dear Parishioners,

As you know, since 1926, Mother of Divine Grace Parish has been a vital part of the Port Richmond community.  We are grateful to share our gifts of time and talent to serve the members of this fine community.  We are also home to Mother of Divine Grace Catholic Elementary School.  Our school’s mission, first and foremost, is to prepare our neighborhood children to enter society with a Christian attitude and good moral foundation, as well as to serve the community as a whole.

Our Annual Italian Festival promotes our financial stability.  It also provides our local community an opportunity to bring together family, friends and neighbors to reminisce and enjoy good times.  This year, our Italian Festival will be held May 30, 31 June 1 and June 6, 7, 8   We hope you will be able to join us and experience one of our most successful community events.

We are offering our sponsor program to parishioners, neighborhood businesses, neighbors and friends.  In return for your sponsorship, we will advertise your name or the name of your business, visibly on our Festival grounds throughout this event as well as a listing in our Parish Bulletin at the end of the Festival.   You will also be listed on our website, for the entire year. [We cannot honor graphics or company logos – All displays are in text only]

Would you be kind enough to share this with anyone or any business who you think might be interested in sponsoring our Festival?

There are three sponsorship levels:

$300 donation    Italian Festival Sponsor Banner approximately 3'x 5'

                                                                     limited to 4 lines of text

$65 donation    Blue & Gold Patron   sign display approximately

         7" x 24"

       limited to 3 lines of text


$ 30 donation   Friend of MDG  1 line listing

 To become a sponsor, please complete and return the attached form with the appropriate donation to:

   Mother of Divine Grace Italian Festival

   Sponsor Program

   2918 E. Thompson Street

   Philadelphia, PA 19134

Deadline for returns:  Friday April 26th, 2019

Thank you.


Mrs. Patricia D’Angelo

Sponsor Coordinator