Mother of Divine Grace Italian Festival

2918 E. Thompson Street

Philadelphia, PA  19134

Festival 2019

Dear Volunteers,

The safety of our students is a priority at Mother of Divine Grace Parish and School.  Offering your time and talent is invaluable and we are so grateful for your help.  The policy of the Archdiocese of Philadelphia and Mother of Divine Grace School requires adult volunteers (unpaid) who may have any possible contact with or responsibility for children to obtain clearances as required by Pennsylvania law.  

The Italian Festival Volunteers will now join the list of parish volunteers required to have clearances.  Please note that the Pennsylvania State Police Clearance is the first clearance we are requesting.  It is free of charge, can be obtained via a website and is good for 5 years.   These clearances will be valuable to you because they will clear you to volunteer for a wide variety of Church and Civic organizations beyond the Italian Festival.

All clearances will be held in the strictest confidence and be kept in our parish/school confidential files.  Please note that you may already have your clearance on file as a volunteer through school.   If so, you do not need to complete a new clearance check unless notified that your clearance is about to expire.

We will host information nights in the near future.  Festival Committee members will be available to assist you to obtain this clearance.   Committee members will also be available at the Prep Days such as Meatball Day and Yard Set Up Day.  Your clearance can be printed right on site.

Once this clearance has been submitted, if further clearances are required, we will contact you.

To obtain this clearance, please visit the following website:

PA State Police Criminal Record Check

New Record Check (Volunteers Only)

Check the box at the bottom of the next page Volunteer Acknowledgment and there will be no cost for this record check.    Click Accept. Complete the form which follows and click next

Follow the on line prompts

You will have your results within a few minutes.

Kindly print the results and return a copy of this printout with your volunteer form.  

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact:

Mrs. Pat D’Angelo at or

Mrs. Jane Lockhart at

Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.


Mrs. Patricia D’Angelo

Italian Festival Chairperson